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We can help you launch your next song to the world!

Along with our partner company, Headhunter Promotions we have been able to successfully take countless independent singers, rappers and musicians to the top of the charts!

Headhunter Promotions specializes in promotion to Billboard, Radio, Pandora, Beatport and Digital Music Pools worldwide.

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Erick Morillo and Audiomaxx’s Mr. Mig at Bliss Nightclub

This past week Audiomaxx’s Mr. Mig opened for legendary DJ Erick Morillo at Club Bliss in Clifton, NJ.

am It was a packed house of nealry 2000 people as Mig did a 2 hour set of Mainstream Dance and Club music including songs that were recorded and produced at Audiomaxx!


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Celebrity Prankster at Audiomaxx on ABC NEWS..Hotter Than Fire!

Celebrity Prankster Brett Cohen fooled America back in August when he pranked Times Square into thinking he was a huge celebrity. This College student proved that the power of suggestion can make others believe what you want them to!

After nearly 5,000,000 views of his original video and interviews with GMA and every news outlet worldwide […]

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