Audiomaxx Recording Studios specializes in all genres of music including:

Hip Hop: 

We have 2 amazing vocal booths to capture your best vocals and hundreds of beats for you to choose from!


Record in our AMAZING LIVE room soon to be featured in Modern Drummer Magazine!


 We have mixed & remixed hundreds of tracks for some of the biggest artists in the world. Make sure to check out some of our credits.

We are Billboard Chart topping engineers and producers.
Jazz, R&B and Worship:

Work in a comfortable, creative environment and get the cleanest recording & mixdown available.

Midi programming and audio editing:

We specialize in all of the major software platforms including LOGIC , PROTOOLS,  and ABLETON!

Songwriting: ( we can provide you with an experienced team of songwriters)

Music Distribution:

iTunes, Amazon and more!
Promotion Project Management and Consultation
Full Video Services:

Music Video Production, Editing, TV Commercials, VHS to DVD Transfers