Music Distribution Packages

Audiomaxx Recording Studios offers worldwide music distribution to over 1000 retailers

Music Distribution – Worldwide

SPECIAL Price For Audiomaxx Clients

$199 gets you…

Worldwide Distribution to over 1,000 Retailers!

Our distribution places your music in over 1000 digital retailers in every country worldwide.  We focus on getting music in all digital retailers including iTunes, Amazon, Emusic, Rhapsody, streaming outlets, and many more!

We offer individual artist distribution and white label accounts for record labels or other distribution companies with a large database of clients.

We also offer instrumental collections for producers who are looking to get more exposure and develop another stream of income.

 Besides our endless list of distribution outlets, we also offer uniquely to our clients…

  • Possible movie and TV placements (we have placed a large variety of our clients in numerous major motion films and TV shows)
  • Music played on iFame TV on the “Music Distribution Channel” reaching almost 4,000,000 households on ROKU
  • Social media promotion for our new releases through our Facebook, Twitter, and email blasts
  • A unique customer service level with one-on-one help with guidance for your release
 Some of our clients include…

  • KRS-ONE/Just-Ice
  • Keith Murray
  • Anita Ward
  • Rockell/Joe Zangie
  • Robbie Tronco
  • Michael Shawn (Hot 97/100.3 personality)
  • WHO?MAG Instrumental Collection (1-5)
  • Matt Maddox
  • Nico the Beast
  • Tazmania Records (3 compilations)
  • Nyasia
  • Propa
  • Tastee
  • Yes Lord
  • Jonesy
  • Rob D
  • AV Nutt
  • Brick City
  • D’Amonte
  • Jahn Q. Publaq
  • Thomas Colontonio
  • Ari Lesser
  • Bong Hits for Jesus
  • La Violencia
  • Jett Black DC (feat Poo Poo Man from Parliament Funk)
  • Pure Pleasure
  • Tarrell Bailey
  • Newport Kingz
  • Wendy
  • Han Solow
  • Kardiak
  • Mark Gaines
  • U.N.O.
  • Sky High Vision
  • Kenny Kane
  • Karlos Farrar
  • Natural Habitz
  • Mr. Loco
  • EQ Philly
  • Dynamite Kid
  • Jewel T
  • Vander
  • Digital More
  • Julien Gral & Aartwell
  • Straight-N-Narrow (SNN)
  • Freedom of Press
  • Nea Roz
  • Capo
  • Genesis
  • Father Flanagan
  • Yung Godz

Ready to get started? Email us at or call us at (856) 438-0679.

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